Black Knights

The very best in speed racing

Black Knights

Zelos created the Belgian national team of speed with 3 Belgian riders in motorcycling and 2 in car racing, all under Zelos management. Its name: the « Zelos Black Knights ».

Xavier Siméon competes in the FIM MotoE™ World Cup and Barry Baltus in Red Bull Rookies Cup and CEV Moto3. In motorcycling, there’s also Livio Loi and finally Amélie Triffet competing in the French « Women’s Cup » Championship. Guillaume De Ridder is a young Belgian talent that competes in rallycross and Nigel Bailly is a pilot with reduced mobility who will participate in the Le Mans 24Hours car race. With the Black Knights our national colours are represented almost every weekend all over the world !

The future of speed motorcycling in Belgium is all mapped out. Zelos does its utmost to bring this golden generation to the top. Our Black Knights climb the ladder step by step with the common goal of reaching the highest categories. Didier de Radiguès is Zelos’ privileged consultant; he offers his expertise to the motorcycling riders.

Target Group :

  • Belgians: French and Dutch-speaking
  • Mainly men
  • All social classes
  • Motorsports and sports fans
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