Coyote Bikers’ Card

Coyote Bikers' Card

The Coyote Bikers’ Card is dedicated to motorcyclists and their safety! It offers a personal insurance covering medical expenses, disability and death. Since 2017, the Coyote Bikers’Card also offers an insurance for the motorcyclist’s equipment.

For 49€/year the Coyote Bikers’ Card is the cheapest insurance for Belgian motorcyclists. Holders of a bikers’ card also benefit from numerous advantages and discounts!

Launched in April 2015, the Bikers’ Card community is continuously growing.

Target group

• Belgians: 35% Dutch-speaking, 65% French-speaking

• Mainly male public

• 16 – 69 years old

• All social classes (1 to 8)

• All kinds of motorcyclists

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