Handisport Day

This « handisport » event brings together people with and without a physical disability in a variety of sport activities. The purpose of the Handisport Day is to inform people who are less valid about the many sports opportunities available to them and the people who are valid to know that some of these sports can be practiced in a mixed way (less valid with valid).

The first edition takes place on September 1, 2019 in Charleroi and is organised by the non profit organisation Faites du Sport, together with the Ligue Handisports francophone and the Spirou Ladies de Charleroi.

All kinds of handisports will be showcased : wheelchair basketball, visually impaired football, wheelchair zumba, etc. There will also be several exhibition games : futsal, wheelchair basketball and Spirou Ladies.

One of the highlight of the day will be an exhibition match between Jean-Michel Saive (worldchampion table tennis) and Marc Ledoux (4 participations in the Paralympic Games and in the race for a 5th participation in Tokyo 2020).

The event’s official ambassador is no other than racing driver Nigel Bailly.

All of the profits generated by the event will be donated to the new CAP 48 « Cap sur l’Or » project, which aims to support Belgian disabled athletes in achieving their sporting goals at the highest level.

In short :

  • date: September 1, 2019
  • place: Charleroi
  • participants: 1.000+
  • positioning: Corporate Social Responsibility, all profits go to a good cause


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